Paloma Sangre, Queen of Uncanny Valley (chaoticerotic) wrote in sensualbeauty,
Paloma Sangre, Queen of Uncanny Valley

I secretly write poetry. Usually, they suck. These do not.

La Petite Mort

Sliding beneath you
sexy sounds
syllabant and sensual
slip from my lips
A liberally lubricated libido
layering lusts
my Pound of Flesh
to Pay the Piper
slick sinuous staccato
a sonic boom
I bite my lips
a beatific burgeoning
bloom bursts
my blood
floods the riverbank
salutary cascade
washes me clean
in the Sea of Sin
drifting ashore
we ease into the stillest shallow
wet and warm
still satin sands
and lay to rest
our little deaths

(I'm tempted to read this at a burlesque night. Easy to accompany with body language relating to La Petite Mort, aka, orgasm. Has a fabulous rythym when read aloud, quite Beat.)


It has been so long
knowing you, and I....
I chased.....
......and fell
down your rabbit hole
disappeared,then back
cheshire cat
Its been forever now,it seems
old friend
I want you to fuck me.
a lust unbroken
while broken was I
a mystery
I cannot even know
but still...
fuck me,I want it.
never speak
of trysts
just hints
a tickle, a squirm
biting me
then....I become useless
no protest
animal quick to the point
I want violation
bruise me with
little blue roses
on my flesh
I cannot speak
but for the noises in me
escaping in sighs
gasping(yes, harder!)
then, over
to the daily tasks
like it never was,
never speaking of it.
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