Entitlement bitches need not apply (dragonrider7) wrote in sensualbeauty,
Entitlement bitches need not apply

A poem that I wrote while laying on the beach. I hope it doesn't suck, I actually think it's pretty good.

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Body aching to be touched
Fingertips gliding in the dark
Soft cool skin under your lips
Warming in response to your touch
Fingertips gently exploring
Mapping out the planes of your body
To remember it forever
Here there are lips
Here there are toes
Here is the spot he likes to be touched
Here is love, here is passion
Here is quietly smouldering desire
Every touch, kiss, caress
Commits to memory your existance
Proves that you are real
We make love a thousand times
Each better than the last
And I swear that I'll never forget again
Never let you slip away
One last kiss as my eyes flutter closed
And I awake in my bed
Morning sunshine on the wall
And I remember just how far
Is the distance betwixt you and I
So I am alone again
With naught but my memories
Simply a ghost of your touch
My body, long gone unheld
Yearning for a loving embrace
Which I am unable to recieve
Despite all your love, I remain here
Without you
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