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Let me touch you. You should show me true love. Love is all our souls need. Need is less pressing than it seems sometimes. Sometimes I smile when I think of your smile. Smile at me and bless me with a light the sun cannot give. Give me completion and join me in prayer. Prayer is this uniting of our flesh and God watches above. Above you or beneath you I will swim. Swim with me beneath shallow rivers of supple cloth. Cloth covers my bare skin incompletely, but you do the rest. Rest when you are weary but, while you have strength, give me your best. Best is subjective so test me and make me endure. Endure my thrust as I am attempting to eradicate the us and do away with the we. We can push to pull as long as you understand the spiritual purpose. Purpose in the physical there are three, but in the spiritual there is one. One touch from your fingertips upon my lips is as sensual as stone caressed by water. Water between the seal of our flesh makes the divine act possible. Possible it is for you to see everything I am when you receive my seed deep. Deep in my eyes then, as deep as I am in you, you may see my soul. Soul renders us immortal and so we are. Are you ready? Ready yourself then let...

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